Tuesday, 25 October 2011

48. Appreciate your Love

There are two ways, (based on my experience), that we can learn how to appreciate our love.

#1 : The Sweet mode
You get some one who love you so much, and they are willing to sacrifice everything that they have, just only to make you happy. If you got this one, appreciate them ok!

#2 : The Hard one
Someone dumped you, the people that you caring most left you and make you cry. You feel lonely and empty. If this happened to you, just thank to Allah, because He want make you to become a better man, Allhamdulillah.

No matter what, don't forget to thank to Allah ok! Our life is a gift from Him
# Ya Allah, hambaMu ini lemah tanpa bantuanMu! Jika dia bukan untuk diriku, Kau hilangkanlah persona dirinya di dalam mindaku ini. Kau jadikanlah hambaMu ini sentiasa bersyukur aras segala nikmatMu... Amin


noraauliyya said...

#1 : Alhamdulillah .. sangat2 hargai dia !

#2 : Alhamdulillah jugak .. org tuh wat syg lebih matang !


Chegu said...

hehehe, gud ustazah, keep it up, semoga berkekalan hingga hujung nyawa